Coast City Gaming

The city of great challenges.

A part of Coast City Gaming LLC.

About us

Coast City Gaming LLC is a gaming community.
It has a SA:MP community named Coast City Gaming Gaming.
We offer our players the best comfort to let them play in. Join us.


Custom Anti-Cheat

We've custom anti-cheat to protect our server from hackers.

Custom Scratch Death System

Everything's from scratch, so why waiting? Join us today!

Custom Mappings

Our mappers send their time to make the best out of the maps and implement them on the server!

Various Jobs

We have various jobs which allow our players to earn money with.

Various Factions

Our server comes out with numerous factions in which people can apply to join in.


Players can Gaming in gangs or families and continue their life as a gangsta!


Yes! You heard it right, we have a marketplace where players can use their real money to purchase various stuff.
Some items include VIP packages, in-game items.
And more stuff is out there on the marketplace.

User Control Panel

We've a custom made user control panel for our server
Users can use the UCP for displaying their profile, getting their signature, and much more.
Wanna check out the UCP? Click below.